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Tomas Stofik

Hi! Nice to meet see you here.
Let me introduce myself.
I was born in Slovakia
and now I am based already
few years in beatiful
capital city of Austria, Vienna.
I love nature, spirituality,
music, art, design,
party, life quotes.
I like to meet great people,
and in my free time
I am trying to connect them
with great music like DJ.


I love to create
almost any kind of design
but my specialities are mostly
logotypes, print designs,
websites, user interfaces and
many more different designs
made in Photoshop, Illustrator,
InDesign and Corel Draw.

check my design
work on Behance

buy some my design
stuff on GraphicRiver

I am fully booked until
the beginning of December,
but you can contact me
any time for further work.


Writing code in PHP, MySql,
HTML, CSS & JavaScript,
loving Nette Framework,
and using Notepad++,
Atom & NetBeans.



I love to play music
behind the decks
on any kind of party.

Listen my sets
on Mixcloud

I am fully booked until
the beginning of November,
but you can contact me
any time to book me
for further events.